The Dry Gunite Process

Only Betz Uses the Dry Gunite Process

Your swimming pool is only as good as the materials and workmanship that go into it. That's why Betz uses the patented Dry Gunite concrete process to create the most durable, long lasting pool shell money can buy.

Gunite_0359_web.jpgSecond to none, the Betz Dry Gunite process entails bringing dry cement and water by hose under pressure to the exact point of application where is it mixed and sprayed onto the pool interior. This process requires special equipment and and requires more skill, so it is understandably more expensive.  The result however is a stronger, more durable structure that retains its integrity virtually forever.

gunite3.jpgWhen it comes to pool construction, it's truly "buyer beware". Most concrete pools are built using a shotcrete method in which pre-mixed wet cement is hosed onto the pool shell from a truck. Shotcrete is easier to apply than Dry Gunite, but because it uses more water, it results in a more porous, less stable pool wall. The terms shotcrete and gunite are often used interchangeably, but only the Betz Dry Gunite process offers superior pool performance.