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Here Are Some Questions Asked by Prospective Pool Owners

If you are dreaming of a new pool and have questions, please do not hesitate to contact a Betz representative. In the meantime, here are a few of our most common inquiries.

What factors should I consider in choosing a pool builder? 

A swimming pool is a significant investment so you will want to choose your builder with care. Two strong indicators of expertise and reliability are length of time in business and number of pools built. More important though, are client references. Ask for the names of at least three past clients and be sure to follow-up. An established company is in a much better position to stand behind its workmanship over the long term.

How long will it take to complete the pool installation project? 

The time it takes to complete a pool project varies according to the complexity of the design and the scale of the construction. Inclement weather can also have an impact. Your project manager can usually give you a good idea of the timeline, but from start to finish, it could range from 2-3 weeks to a couple of months. Major backyard projects including full landscaping with structures and out buildings could range from two to three months.

What is the difference between a Gunite and vinyl liner pool? 

Gunite is the premium pool construction method which uses steel-reinforced concrete and a specialty plaster interior finish to create the most durable, long-lasting pool shell available. It allows for the ultimate in design customization. See The Gunite Difference. A vinyl liner pool is constructed using galvanized steel walls, supported by boxed in steel "X" braces and set on a concrete base with a removable vinyl liner interior. A variety of shapes and sizes are available. Vinyl liner pools are a more affordable alternative to Gunite and will provide years of reliable backyard fun.

What factors influence the cost of a swimming pool? 

The cost of a swimming pool varies according to the type of construction (concrete or vinyl liner), size and shape of the pool, property access and demolition requirements, and to a greater extent, poolscape features such as decks, waterfalls, rock formations and outbuildings.

Will owning a pool have an impact on my home insurance? 

A pool is considered a dwelling extension and depending on its scale and features, may increase the cost of your home insurance. This is something to discuss with your insurance agent.

What are the maintenance requirements of a swimming pool and what service options are available? 

Like any worthwhile addition to your home, a swimming pool will benefit from proper maintenance. The basic requirements are checking the skimmer basket every day or so for leaves (especially in the fall) and testing the chemicals (recommended weekly). Basic automated equipment, such as pool cleaner and chlorinator will help cut down on maintenance chores. Of course, you can always choose to have the Betz trained service staff open and close your pool for the season, as well as perform weekly cleaning and chlorination duties.

Are there any mandatory safety features required with my pool installation such as fencing? 

Fencing is a mandatory requirement of a swimming pool installation and specifications are generally legislated by your municipality. Fortunately, many types of fencing can both enhance your landscape as well as provide for privacy and safety. For more information on safety see Pool Safety.

How will a pool installation affect the value of my home? 

With today's time pressures, gas prices and the rising cost of recreational property, more and more people are opting to vacation at home. The consensus among realtors is that a top-quality pool installation can add value to your home. Need more proof? Look for the Betz name on quality real estate listings in your area.

What impact does the terrain of a yard have on a pool installation? 

The terrain of your yard can have a considerable impact on the design of your poolscape and construction logistics, particularly when there is a significant slope. One solution is to plan your pool on multiple levels to create an appealing natural look. This effect can also be built into yards with a flatter terrain.

Do I need to purchase a pool cover and if so, what options are available? 

Your Betz pool comes with the finest quality woven designer cover with matching water bags. Most other pools do not include a winter pool cover. For additional cover options see Pool Accessories.

Is there anything I can do to minimize the pool's energy consumption? 

Your pool's energy consumption will affect its operating costs as well as any impact on the environment. Here are some things you can do to reduce energy use.

  • First, use a cover. Pool covers can reduce the energy required to heat the pool by 50%-70% and water evaporation by up to 90%, depending on the time of year. Another benefit will be reduced consumption of pool chemicals.
  • Secondly, have your pool heater inspected annually; a properly maintained heater will use less energy. Regular maintenance is also important to insure your pump and filter run efficiently.
  • Finally, use common sense in heating your pool. Less energy is required to re-heat a pool for a weekend than to maintain a constant temperature all week. In addition, don't allow others to tamper with the controls.

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