Pool Equipment Explained

Pool Ownership 101

Once your pool has been installed, your Betz representative will provide you with personalized instruction on its operation as well as a comprehensive printed manual. If you are new to pool ownership, here are some terms you will want to familiarize yourself with.

The filter pump is the main source of water circulation for the pool and functions to remove wastes from the water and distribute chemicals. Its efficiency depends on sufficient running time and regular maintenance.

The filter removes undissolved (and some dissolved) debris from the water allowing pool chemicals to focus on their job of removing bacteria and algae.

Most Betz pools are equipped with gas heaters that enable you to extend your swimming season considerably. The heater requires annual service and cleaning before pool start-up in the spring.

Swimming pools require a continuous flow of chlorine or bromine for proper sanitation. The automatic chlorinator is the only place other than the pool water itself where you put pool chemicals.

Pool Main Drain
The main drain is built into the deepest area in the pool to allow some flow of water from the bottom of the pool through the circulation system and filter. This is not the drainage unit for the pool but acts instead as a floor suction device.

Automatic Skimmer
The automatic skimmer skims the water surface catching floating debris before it becomes water logged and falls onto the pool floor. It has a weir or "flap" that adjusts automatically to fluctuating water levels, allowing only the top layer of water to flow over it. The skimmer basket needs to be emptied regularly (even several times a day in fall) to ensure continued effectiveness.

Automatic Pool Water Filler
An automatic pool filler will add water to your pool as soon as it drops from its set level. It is very important not to let the water level of a pool get too low as this can create serious problems.

Pool Returns
These are inlet fittings that are usually placed on the opposite end of the pool to the skimmer. Through them water is allowed to re-enter the pool after it passes through the filter. If pointed upwards they will create surface circulation that moves floating debris towards the skimmers.

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