Escape to an Aquatic Paradise

There is something about a body of water that encourages relaxation and reflection. More than relief from the heat, today's swimming pool is the visual and recreational focal point for a total backyard getaway. Even if you prefer deck chairs to water wings, you can enjoy the soul-restoring benefits of a private, aquatic retreat.

Whether your idea of backyard bliss is a natural sanctuary that brings cottage country to mind or an architectural enclave reminiscent of a luxury hotel, Betz can bring your vision to life. From pool design and construction, through landscaping and lighting, our experienced team will make sure it's done right.

Choose Concrete or Vinyl Construction

A premium quality Betz Dry Gunite (concrete) pool represents an investment in your home. Durable for a lifetime, it can be custom designed to your specifications in almost any shape or size, with an unlimited list of luxury options. Integrated spa, dark pool, zero edge-whatever your  pleasure, we can create a one-of-a-kind design just for you.

Betz finest quality vinyl-liner pools provide a more affordable option and can be chosen to compliment any backyard with an exclusive selection of elegant formal and freeform shapes. Select a naturalistic, deep-pool look with a dark liner or choose from a wide range of colour alternatives.

We invite you to browse through our gallery of exclusive Betz pools...and start dreaming of your own aquatic paradise.

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